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 Forum Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Forum Rules & Regulations   Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:47 am

All members of the Forum, whatever their role, are expected to respect and acknowledge all the rules below:

Respect & Civility

We ask that all members remain civil towards each other, and respect the fact that everyone has their own opinions, experiences and perspectives and have the right to express them as long as they are not abusive or personally insulting towards other members.

Put-downs, swearing, flaming, abusing, bullying or aggressive posts designed to mock, insult or harass other members is not allowed. Post with those unnecessary behavior will be edited or if it is needed, will be deleted with notice to the poster in an attempt to keep the forum a pleasant place to be for all.

If anyone is attacking you please ignore them and report them immediately to the Forum Staffs.

Racism and Discrimination

Racism, discrimination and religious bigotry against ALL religions is not allowed. Please bear in mind while posting that each member should refrain from bashing of another traditions, cultures or religions.


No deliberate multi-posting in different forums with the same topic and posting a thread or a topic in an inappropriate section. If you are not sure where to post please ask our Forum Moderators.

Posts, private messages, or signature links containing solicitations for money are also not acceptable. Members who make posts collecting money, raising funds for any cause, pay-per-click links, and links or advertisements that do similar will be banned immediately, at the discretion of the Board Administrators.

Advertisements for businesses, organizations, churches, websites or services are prohibited without the express permission of the Board Administrators.

Messages containing promotion of illegal activity including, but not limited to, pornography, scam sites ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Multiple Accounts

Members including our Moderators are not allowed to have more than one account registered. Any accounts found to have the same IP address, registered to the same e-mail address, or otherwise be discovered to belong to one person will be banned immediately.

Board Administrators are exempted to this rule since they are required to have "test" accounts to make sure all the technical changes in the site are running perfectly.

Inappropriate Language

Try to write normally and not like you do on a mobile phone, or on instant chat. We appreciate good grammar.

Cursing, using bad words, racial epithets and ethnic slurs is strictly prohibited.

Copyright Infringement

Legally, you can reproduce a small amount of articles, texts, and any other information (not written by the poster) for educational purposes as long as member will provide the author's name and source of the article (a link will do).

Posts that do not have proper sourcing information will be deleted, at the discretion of the Moderators in charge.

All rules are subject to change/amendment without notice.

These rules are likely to be updated and possibly changed as the forum grows please make sure you will respect them in Hebraic way -- Hear and Obey!

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Forum Rules & Regulations
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