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 Arabs and Israeli Conflict

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PostSubject: Arabs and Israeli Conflict   Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:55 pm

ummmmm, Yeah... Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Okay, where should we begin Laughing Laughing Laughing

Ishmael jealous ??? Neutral Neutral Neutral According to who ?? The Rabbinic establishment??

the same Rabbinic establishment who says your saviour is "Boiling in hot Excrement" -Talmud Gittin 56b-57a


In the book of Daniel, it speaks of Iran going to war with the Plaugue of the earth, the Beast, the Whore of Babylon, also known as the United SNAKES of America. The "Israeli" people is the illegitimate child of America!! So if America is the corruption of the earth, and all who dwell therein...
what does that make Israel, its daughter Neutral Neutral Neutral

Why does the book of Revelation say there is "a new Jerusalem" ??? ummmm, is there something wrong with the first one??? Laughing Laughing your damn right there is !! Go to the "Holy" city and you'll find so-called Jews eating Pig, Squid, Rabbits, Sushi, and the creeping thing. They blatantly light fire on the Sabbath day...they are involved in un-mentionable acts. There are Disco houses, strip-clubs, and homosexuals [with Tzit-zits] running rampant in the "Holy" city. What does Ishmaelhave to be jealous of ? He makes it MANDATORY that his women are covered modestly...but the so-called 'jews' have girls in bikini posing for photo-shoots in Tel Aviv No No just think, tel Aviv is were Ezekiel saw one of his visions...and here we are now, letting scantly clad whores walk about this city. Woe unto them !!! but a greater woe unto us for sitting by, drinking a mochachina latte while Mount Zion goes down the toilet.

How many Orthodox rabbi's does it take to molest a child, before stoning is re-instituted Neutral Neutral how many Conservative female rabbi's are on their period while blessing the Challa and grape juice??? And lets not get started on the Reform movement.

Ishmael is a BATTLE-AX that the Universe will employ to strike down the degenerate Israeli's ...may they accomplish it speedily and soon, Amen

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Arabs and Israeli Conflict
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