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 Nephilims - Who are they?

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PostSubject: Nephilims - Who are they?   Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:17 pm

Makes no difference who they were/are. It wont make u a better person, it wont bring u closer to

the Universe.

As it is written: The secret things belong to 'god' but that which IS REVEALED belongs to men and the children of men" -deuteronomy 29:29


As for the "Son" of 'god' and "child" of 'god'

there is no word for 'son' in hebrew. There is a word pronouced as Ben which means to build, or construct. A mans off-spring BUILD his reputation, he BUILDS a home for them to dwell in. The reason Ben has been mis-translated as Son, is because during the era of King James...females were seen as inferior to their male counter-parts...so how could they BUILD up their fathers Name and House, considering that when she gets married she derelicts his name which is his legacy.

and please, please dont bring the argument of Ban-im & Ban-ot ...its stale, outdated and erroneous.

As for the "son of God and child of God" its one in the same. Son connotes masculinity, whereas 'child' can be female or male. But seeing that neither son nor daughter exists within the hebrew paradigm...their both null and void. study study

The Messiah was a human, a man...not a supernal being. A man, a very Holy man, but a man who sleeps, eat, drinks, laughs, cries, and plays games occasionally. The religious must cease and desist from making humans half-human, half celestial. If I know the Messiah as a man (and nothing more) I should be able to relate to him on a greater scale. But if I see him as the "son" of 'god', I cant sincerely look in the mirror and say W.W.J.D ... it doesn't matter what he would do, because HE IS A SUPER-HUMAN, and u are a average joe. So why are u asking W.W.J.D Neutral Neutral even if u knew, you couldn't do it.

He's a Man...GET OVER IT Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
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Nephilims - Who are they?
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