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 Where do infants and toddlers go when they die?

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PostSubject: Where do infants and toddlers go when they die?   Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:20 pm

Neal wrote:
I believe dead babies and young children aren't condemned to hell because nobody sins in the womb

Sir, please tell us what is Sin??

What is Hell ??? scratch scratch scratch

To quote the initial post:

Son of Zion wrote:

(*Sigh* See how deceiving Catholics are... They make us believe for many years that there is an existence of ...

Indeed Catholics are deceptive, but so is every Religion.

Are u going to call those who told u there is a 'Heaven' deceivers when u find out the bitter Truth Neutral

The Religious have ingrained a concept of Heaven into the mind of the masses...when the Universe never spoke of a "Heaven" Neutral Neutral in-fact, the word Heaven is found nowhere in the 24 books of the Bible !! So from whence has this notion arisen Suspect Suspect

How about Hell ?? Laughing Laughing Laughing What the hell is "Hell" Laughing Laughing a place where Gools bearing pitch forks in hand, torcher those who commited "SINS" in life. Can it get any more silly...LOL

I have no pleasure in the DEATH of the wicked, but rather that they should TURN and LIVE..." -Ezekiel 18:32

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Where do infants and toddlers go when they die?
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