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 Youth For Adonai

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PostSubject: Youth For Adonai   Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:29 am

Introducing: Youth For Adonai

Youth For Adonai is a specialized board which focuses on discussion regarding teenage life, friends, family issues, religion and anything else that our young ones may need advice.

For the protection of our youths their will be an age limit of 13-19 years. Membership will be granted at the discretion of the Administrators. Those applying for access to this board must reply here with the following form filled out:

1) How old are you and when is your next birthday?
2) How will you be able to contribute to the board?
3) Do you study Torah?
4) In your age, what can you say about our Messiah Yeshua?
5) Will you put your name(first name or username is fine. No Last names!) to the following pledge?:

I pledge on my honor that I am a youth of ___ years.

To apply for access to this board, be certain that you answer the above question honestly and sincerely. You will receive a notification via PM or E-Mail when you have been added to the group.

*Note: The Moderators of this board reserve the right to remove your access to this board at any time if you persistently conduct yourself in an immature or disrespectful behavior within the board.
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Youth For Adonai
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