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 Disciplinary Action

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PostSubject: Disciplinary Action   Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:45 am

Any Disciplinary Action will remain private between the Staffs and the member concerned.

Level One

This is for relatively minor violations to the rules such as swearing, bullying, heated debates, cursing, insulting, mocking (which will be edited out or be remove completely from the forum without notice to the poster) if the poster continues this manner then a friendly reminder will be sent through PM.

Level Two

This is for very serious offenses, such as the abuse of other members or our facilities, or the continuation of lesser violations after receiving a friendly reminder. Expect that a warning will be sent to you.

Level Three

Then if the behavior continues you may have a permanent ban from the site. Major offenses such as discrimination or the abuse of other's race, religion, disability etc., or posting of sexual explicit topics or images or money laundering will receive an automatic ban.
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Disciplinary Action
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